By the Numbers

  •  14,000 street trees
  • 131 different species of trees
  •  Each Bexley street has a specific recommended primary and secondary street tree.
  •  Bexley’s street inventory is maintained and managed in reference to tree management plans and policies administered by the City of Bexley Urban Forester, Grant Archer, and the Tree and Public Garden Commission.

A specific requirement to being designated an Arboretum is to establish and maintain a complete GPS listing of each specific street tree within The Bexley Arboretum.  This GPS listing is also accessible on-line for individual use and reference, and as well undergirds the designated Bexley tree walks.

Considerable study has gone into determining the most appropriate tree species for use as a Bexley street tree, and, as well into the specific conditions of each individual street.  For example, certain prohibited trees are too soft or brittle to be recommended for use. Some streets have narrower tree lawns or overhead power lines that impact what tree type is most appropriate for that street. Certain species develop diseases that impact the long-term health of a tree.  Also, the shape, fall color and leaf composition come into play in making decisions about specific trees on specific streets.